Sportsbook - Not paying, slow to pay funds....poor service

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After winning a superbowl bet with this company, they seem to not want to send your money to you. They use delay after delay, here is an example of a conversation I had with them;

Hello, my name is Alex Keene. I'll be assisting you today.

Alex Keene: Hi Paul!

Paul: LTK

Paul: when can I expect payment?

Alex Keene: Please give me a moment to look into this...

Alex Keene: Paul, I see that we did receive your documents, however they are still in process to be reviewed by the proper department, I'm really sorry, but due to the high volume of documentation in ***, it's taking between 72-96 hours to review the documents we receive.

Alex Keene: Once the documentation has been fully reviewed and approved we will send a message to your account's message inbox. You will then be able to make your withdrawal request. We are very sorry for any inconvenience or delay caused by this requirement.

Paul: lets see, the first time I contacted you

Paul: you said 48 to 72 hours

Paul: then the second time, you said, you didnt receive documentation

Paul: Now, its 72-96 hours

Paul: I am posting all conversations with this site to my blog-website that has 4000 subscriptions, I want you to be aware that this is poor service

Paul: this is really bad publicity for your site

5 minutes go by...............

Paul: No response from you?

Alex Keene: I'm really sorry for the inconvenience, I understand you, the standard time frame is 48-72 hours.

Paul: Every day that I do not get an answer from this site, I am going to post this conversation and subsequent conversations at least 2 times every day...

Paul: further, I will look into filing a complaint

Paul: it seems your site has no problem taking money for bets

Paul: but when it comes time to pay out

Paul: you have difficulty doing so

Alex Keene: However since there are a lot of customers that want to cash out after the Super Bowl, it's taking a little more to review the documentation.

Paul: so let me get this straight, for $90, you are willing to generate so much bad publicity...

Paul: I have never had this problem with other betting sites

Alex Keene: Paul, we'll contact you back as soon as possible, once we have fully reviewed your documents.

Paul: lets see, I can look at my documents, and in one minute verify them

Paul: but you have had them for 4 days

Paul: it is not rocket science is it?

Paul: and you made me send them twice now...what is next, in four more days you will again say you did not get them?

Alex Keene: I'm really sorry Paul, but this is customer service, not the verifications department, unfortunately we are not able to approve the documents you provided.

Paul: great answer

Paul: I am actually posting this conversation right now.

Paul: thanks for your help, nothing new here...p.s., Ill send you all the postings I do about your company....I am not happy at all

Paul: i guess ill talk to you tomorrow, and the next and the next

Alex Keene: Sure Paul, once again I apologize for the inconvenience or delay caused by this requirement, and we should contact as soon as possible.

Paul: good bye

Alex Keene: Thank you for chatting with us today. If you've got a moment, please click here; we'd really appreciate your feedback.

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